Magnetic Gel Facial Mask
Magnetic Gel Facial Mask

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The Magnetic Gel Facial Mask is slimming, lifting, brightening! Totally safe & natural acupressure effects. Relax and unwind with this Magnetic Gel Facial Mask, perfect for tired eyes, and skin. 

  • High quality super ingredients - charged magnets and tourmaline stone, nourishing gel
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Eliminates dull spots and fade lines
  • Alleviate eye fatigue
  • Eliminate swelling in cheeks and chin
  • Provides pouch relaxation 
  • Cooling treatment - Use after refrigerating for at least an hour, for skin tightening and edema elimination
  • Heat therapy - Immerse mask in warm water for gentle heating, to eliminate bacteria and skin whitening
  • Can be used with other facial products
  • Use for 30 minutes max at a time, for minimum 20 days a month for best results
  • Color: Rose Pink